The new alternative in beauty

Hi I’m Kat, and I’m Faith. Mom and daughter.
It has always been a dream of of ours to open a salon together. After 34 years of dreaming we finally made them come true.

We at Alter- Eco Salon, are the new alternative for eco-friendly and sustainability for beauty services . After years in the industry and with Faith having a nursing background, we have learned and are continuously learning about what common products can do to ones health. We strive to find safer and healthier alternatives for the most common beauty services that we all enjoy so much. We have done lots of research on the products that we choose to use. Including their stance on animal testing, environment, overall health and productivity.


We are a green certified salon. Which means that we recycle what you can’t normally recycle. Such as but not limited to, hair clippings, foils, one time use items such as wood for waxing, cotton balls, old hair color tubes, unused color. We collect these items, then ship them to Back to green circle where they will turn your hair into buoys for oil spills in the ocean, and also turn these used items into renewable energy, make our earth a more substantial place to leave for our future generations.


Men’s Cut & Beards


We offer 10% OFF our services to state and local active first responders:

  • Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Law enforcement including State Troopers, Sheriffs, Sheriff’s Deputies and Local Police
  • Healthcare workers including doctors, nurse practitioners and dentists

We offer 10% OFF our services to veterans & those who have or are serving in the military.


Pushing vitamins into your hair

We use Natulique hair products, that are based from Denmark. They’re 98.92% derived from natural origins. Instead of stripping your hair of its protein and vitamins, Natulique pushes vitamins back into your hair shaft leaving your hair softer and healthier than ever before. They are pharmaceutical grade ingredients, so fear not when we say they are organic and vegan friendly and do not contain ammonia, ppd’s and other harmful ingredients. They will cover your sparkly hair 100% and do what any other color line can do. Not only do they have the best products, but their fundamental process on everything that goes into their products to the footprints they leave behind, are undeniably the best company!


Safe, natural, and animal cruelty free

Kat spent years of learning new techniques, and learning from other celebrity makeup artists, and putting a twist of her own, finding the best natural makeup products that cover flawlessly for your perfect special day.
BH cosmetics is not only affordable and perfect for everyday use but they also represent our beliefs. They are Leaping Bunny Certified which means no ingredient in any of their products is ever tested on animals. Nor will they ever be sold in countries that do. Many of their products are also vegan and gluten free.
Pretty Vulgar are also free from glutens, parabens, sulfates, talc and peptides. They are cruelty free and have many products that are vegan as well. Their coverage feels lightweight, their coverage is heavy duty. Perfect for any occasion.


Using the healthiest products on the market

We have spent months researching for the best alternative solutions for nails.
Although we still use your common products for acrylics, gels, dips, etc. we are constantly looking for better and safer alternatives for these, as newer products come out.
We also use biodegradable glitter and designs that have been recycled for nail art.
Due to Covid-19 shipments on these some of these newer products have been temporarily delayed. But we can’t wait to get our hands on Kure Bazaar,Tenorverton, Zoya, and will continue to find better alternatives for acrylics, dips and gels, that last just as long, but are safer for you too.


Revive your sense with copper

Known for generations for it’s healing properties, ionized copper was used in ancient egypt as a way to purify water. Simply soaking feet in the bowl encourages a healthier immune system and assists with joint pain and tension relief. The untreated copper bowl naturally enhances any treatment and encourages healthy cell development and increased blood flow. Positive and negative energy flow through the copper helping to reduce pain and inflammation while maintaining a highly sanitary station.

Hi I’m Kat.

I was born and raised in salon. Hair and makeup has been my passion my whole life, playing with my friends hair and makeup all throughout my younger years. It’s wasn’t until 2011 when I decided to finally make my passions into reality. I started off with L makeup institute in Las Vegas NV, and then worked my way through Paul Mitchell School of Las Vegas continuing to assist after school to continue my education. During that time I learned from the very best makeup and hair artists from all over the world. I have been very blessed to have worked with, learned from and have been able to serve some celebrities myself. Although, I consider everyone who sits in my chair a celebrity. You are my walking model, and I want you to leave looking and feeling your best. I love getting to know you, and hearing your stories.
For Hair and makeup bookings please call 702-659-3890


Hi I’m Faith.

 I have been doing nails for just over  34 years now. Although I took a little break to follow my dreams of being a nurse for 6 of those years, I have come to realize my true passion is being beside you, serving you and hearing your stories. I am a people person, very compassionate and doing your nails is what I truly love and passionate about. My work and dedication shows it. I look forward to meeting you, and becoming family.
For nail bookings please call 702-208-1128



We are on London Bridge Road across from Super 8 with a spectacular lake view.

296 London Bridge Road STE C, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403